The Libre Knife Fighting System is a brutal and aggressive form of knife combatives that has established over seventy training groups in seventeen countries. Developed with current real-world endemics in mind, and refined with feedback from practitioner's actual bladed altercations, the Libre Knife Fighting System has evolved into one of the most unique and effective knife-based systems in existence.  


Founded in 2004, the Libre Knife Fighting System was developed for modern-day threats. This methodology was specifically designed to be utilized in conjunction with the smaller fixed-blades and folding knives that are commonly carried in today's society. The revolutionary new Libre Knife Fighting System "Conceptu" concept-based training method also makes the Libre Knife Flighting approach easily transferrable to improvised weapons.


Simple to learn, intuitive, adaptable, and immediately applicable, the Libre Knife Fighting System has been trained by military, law enforcement, private security professionals, protection teams, and special forces throughtout the United States, Mexico, South East Asia, and Europe. With a global network of instructors and training groups, a catalog of books, DVDs, and digital downloads, as well as the Libre Knife Fighting Guild Initiation Package, this devastating system can now be trained anywhere.