Subject of the article "How to Properly Stab Someone in a Dark Alley"

Mentioned in Issue 11 of Recoil Concealment article "Solitary Knife Fighting"

Mentioned in Issue 8 of Recoil Concealment article "Reverse Edge Tactics"

Featured on CNN Indonesia story about Libre Fighting

Filipina superstar Angel Locsin trained in Libre Fighting for her new television series "The General's Daughter."

Mentioned in Tactical Knives January 2014 article on The Libre Fighter Mark II as Co-designer of The Libre Fighting MKII

Mentioned in December 2015 issue of Blade Magazine as Co-Designer of The Libre Fighter MKII

Libre Fighting System featured on the UFC Channel

Libre Fighting System officially trained by Indonesian Special Forces, Kopaska

Guest on the Modern Combat and Tactics Podcast

Interviewed by Combat Networks Magazine

Guest on Zombie Ryu Podcast