Libre Fighting Blackjack Training Package

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A groundbreaking exploration of using saps and blackjacks as practical and effective self defense tools. Explore this simple and highly effective system is a first-of-it’s-kind training package!


Training Deck Carry Tin

Training Deck
—Linen Professional Playing Card Quality
—36 Training Combinations

Poker Chip Card Weight
—Carry Tobacco Pouch

Libre Fighting Blackjack Book
—112 Pages
—Issues of Nomenclature
—Common Designs and Models
—Sap vs Blackjack Pros & Cons
—Sap/Blackjack vs Baton Pros & Cons
—Body Mechanics for Striking
—Striking and Targets
—Less Lethal Striking
—36 Training Combinations
—Saps and Blackjacks in Movies and Television

—30 Minutes
—Basic Striking
—36 Combinations Breakdown and Demonstration

36 Combinations Digital Video Quick Reference