Libre Fighting Knuckle Duster Training Package

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Explore the fighting applications and history of the knuckle duster through the lens of Libre Fighting!

More than just a nuts & bolts tutorial — this package offers a deep dive into the sordid past of these nefarious weapons along with a detailed look at their undeniable cultural influence.

Your Libre Fighting Knuckle Duster Training Package includes:

30 Minute Streaming Digital Tutorial (downloadable)
—Stance and Grip
—Attribute Development
—Combative Applications

Flexible Rubber Knuckle Duster Trainer

Libre Fighting Knuckle Duster Book (110 pages)
—Ancient Roots
—Medieval and Renaissance Influence
—Use in the Civil War
—Use in World War I & 2
—The 1920s and the Rise of Gangsterism
—1950s to Present Day
—Brass Knuckles in Media
—Cultural Impact
—Brass Knuckle and Self Defense
—Types of Brass Knuckles
—Wounds and Injuries

Gift Bag
—Dice Pouch w/logo
—Two Black and Tan Dice (guild colors)

Small Knuckle Duster Pendant