Libre Knife Fighting Guild Initiation Package — Level 1

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(Expected to ship late-May 2022)

The starting point for every Libre Fighting student! This incredible package includes:

Dossier Folder (designed with individual pockets to organize and hold all of your study materials in one convenient package)
DVD Disc 1 - Hammer Grip (40 minutes)
DVD Disc 2- Scythe Grip (37:30 minutes)
Machiavellian Knife Combatives Full Color Manual

Packaged in a vintage envelope secured with a wax seal:
Libre Knife Fighting Guild 4 Inch Velcro-Backed Patch
Libre Knife Fighting Guild Wristband & Knife Retention System
Libre Knife Fighting Guild Sticker

Additional Printed Materials Include:
Welcome Letter
Libre Knife Fighting Guild Introduction
The Conceptu Teaching System
Making the Training Knife
Setting Up The Training Dummy
Hammer Grip DVD Syllabus
Scythe Grip DVD Syllabus
Band Retention System Instructions

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