Libre Knife Fighting Guild Journeyman Development Package (Level 2)

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Ships early-July 2024

Take your Libre Knife Fighting skills to the next level!

This stunning follow-up includes:

Dossier Folder (designed with individual pockets to organize and hold all of your training materials in one convenient package)

Journeyman Development DVD Disc 1:
Libre Fighting — In Context
The Mapping Drill: Moving on instinct, not in prearranged sequences
Developing Speed: How to develop explosiveness
(37:49 minutes)

Journeyman Development DVD Disc 2:
Pendulum: Applications 1-6
Pressing & Bypassing: Tearing through the opponent’s defense
(40:22 minutes)

Endemic Knife Combatives Full Color Book: An exploration of Libre Fighting around the globe

Packaged in a vintage envelope secured with a wax seal:
Bastard Child Challenge Coin

Additional Printed Materials Include:
Welcome Letter
Libre Knife Fighting Guild Logo Symbolism
Glossary of Libre Fighting Terms
Knife Violence Statistics (originally appeared in Tao of the Reaper)
Journeyman Development DVD Disc 1 Training Notes
Journeyman Development DVD Disc 2 Training Notes

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