Libre Knife Fighting Guild Membership Package — One Year


Ships immediately!

PRO-RATED (full year membership is $129.95)

Become an official member of the Libre Knife Fighting Guild! Your membership package includes the Libre Knife Fighting Guild Member Handbook. This book covers all expectations and regulations for guild members, ranking requirements and procedures, guild structure and guild bylaws.

Membership also includes a high quality plastic membership card with an embossed personal member number. This card grants access to a private online file where exclusive instructional videos will be posted about once a week (each video will remain accessible for approximately 3-4 weeks).

Other membership benefits include:

— Official recognition as a member of the Libre Knife Fighting Guild
— Access to exclusive Libre Knife Fighting Guild Merchandise
— Access to members-only seminars, classes, and events
— Early access to new Libre Knife Fighting Guild products
— Updates about current Libre Knife Fighting Guild projects and news